Sunshine Book Show is having an online party and you’re invited!

Join me and other authors, bloggers, readers and book lovers for an online party from noon to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 8th. I’m delighted to be a featured author, and will be available from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. for conversation, questions, and giveaways. Throughout the day, there will be lots information, entertainment and discussion, along with free and discounted books. Mark your calendar and plan to spend a little time with us. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


SBS July Party

SBS July 8th Party


MOUNTAIN JUSTICE is the story of a horse. Sales receipts will be donated to help a horse.

I recently found out about a 16 year old mare, abandoned four years ago. She managed to keep herself and two foals alive, though she would likely not have lived much longer. MOUNTAIN JUSTICE, a story of friendship, violence and the love of a horse. The hero in this short story is a stallion, named Czar. His life is much better than Bella’s has been.

All proceeds from the sale of “Mountain Justice” or the ten short story collection, “Long Stories Short” from now through 5/11/15 will be donated for Bella’s care and veterinary expenses.  You get a story, she gets a better life. …

Bella was abandoned by her owner about 4 years ago at a cattle farm. She was turned out with a stallion and has had numerous foals, two of which are still with her and were still nursing at approximately 1 and 2 years of age. The two fillies are in better condition than Bella, though not in good shape.  Feeding her two babies has depleted her body of important nutrients to be able to support herself.

She has not had vet or farrier work since being turned out four years ago. Her feet are in terrible shape and quite painful. It will take over a year for them to recover.  She is severely malnourished. Bella has a long road to recovery but we are confident she can make a full recovery. We know that she is 16 years old, which is not old by any means this day in age.  She has a lip tattoo, only partially legible, but it  indicates that she is a registered thoroughbred. A GoFundMe account has been set up, asking for assistance with her care and treatment. The initial vet bill was $200.00 and there are many more to come. She still needs her teeth floated (filed) so she can eat better, vaccinations once she is healthy enough, and farrier visits every 4-6 weeks to get her feet back on track.

It will take a lot of story or book sales to reach $2500.00, which is estimated to be necessary for all of her needs, but with enough publicity, I think we can make a difference. Bella and I thank you for your consideration.


Free from February 20th through February 22nd – A Candle in the Darkness

With a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, this short story has been enjoyed by young and old alike. Reviewers have said: “wonderful prose; words resonate long after the story ends;” “a beautiful little story that speaks to many;” “cleverly written, intriguing.”

Randy was the light of Valerie’s life. After she lost him, she couldn’t imagine how she would live with the dark loneliness that surrounded her, without him. It took a tornado and the love story of two strangers for Valerie to discover that a candle in the darkness is more than a flame flickering in the night.


A five star review for “The Hunted”

Thank you to Author Clarissa Simmens, for her time in reading and reviewing “The Hunted:”  “Writing a full-length novel is much easier than writing a short story, especially a good one. In a novel, there is more time to develop the characters. Karen Black, in her short fiction The Hunted, has not only succeeded in developing her main character, but has deftly created a frightening antagonist. If that wasn’t difficult enough, she presents us with the heroine’s cat whose very soft fur caresses our fingers as we read on. I love “playing against an author” by solving their mystery but never did I suspect the surprise ending. It is only midnight as I finish reading so I’m off to buy another one of her short stories because I’m utterly addicted to her writing!”