About Author, Karen Black


Although she writes year around, this author does most of her work in the winter. She devotes spring to planting seeds, nurturing herbs, and watching for the hummingbirds to return from South America. Summer is filled with flowers, butterflies, and wildlife babies that nest in the garden. Despite the migrating birds leaving for the season, Karen’s favorite time of year is fall. Harvesting what the wildlife didn’t eat, drying herbs, and enjoying the weather are autumn projects. Throughout the winter, a computer is her frequent companion.

A former professional dog trainer and thoroughbred race horse owner, the author has a degree in Criminal Justice, and a fascination with the supernatural. She draws from experience and imagination to create stories that are usually within the realm of possibility, but never turn out quite the way you would expect. Most of them have a four-legged character and many include a touch of the paranormal.

Black lives in the United States with her husband, and two alien creatures disguised as cats. Each of the furry creatures is unique and one is rumored to be ET’s second cousin. The rumor has not been confirmed.


Click HERE to learn more about Karen’s published works.

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