Name that Murder Mystery!

The setting is a thoroughbred racetrack. The players include a variety of horsemen, thoroughbred race horses, and a little grey cat. A horse named Fury is the basis for some of the chaos in this murder-mystery, which combines an insider’s knowledge of horse racing with a believable and mysterious scenario. It keeps the reader wondering until the end.

When a stunning race horse becomes the impetus for chaos in a close knit racing community, past actions begin to haunt the present. Suspicion and paranoia become contagious; kidnapping and murder result. The novel tells a story of men and women connected to the sport of kings, whose lives are intertwined. Some will stop at nothing in their quest for that elusive champion. Through it all, the races continue.

This book needs a title. It is on schedule to be published early in 2018.

The following is a list of titles under consideration:

The Consequence of Fury
Murder, A Consequence of Fury
Money, Mystery and Murder at the Track
Dead Jockeys Still Speak

Let me know which one captures your attention, or better yet, suggest a title of your own. If your idea is chosen, I’d be delighted to send you an autographed copy of the novel, along with an Amazon gift card.

Happy New Year!

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