From today until July 26th, “Close Your Eyes and They’re Gone” is free at Please consider adding this novelette to your summer reading list and if you have time, I’d be delighted if you’d post a review!

Abducted by a human trafficker, four-year-old Lily is taken to an interim location, where it is Marcy’s job to prepare her for sale to the highest bidder. But when the precocious child rebels, it puts the entire operation at risk. With the authorities getting too close, Marcy needs Lily to disappear.

Escape from the daily grind with a free story!

Mountain Justice is one of my favorites. From today through July 18th, it is free at

Justice isn’t always fair and it isn’t always legal. But in the mountains, it is always available.

When Annie’s life is threatened and the legal system fails to protect her, she learns that she can count on MOUNTAIN JUSTICE. How far would you go to save a friend’s life?

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