Happy New Year!

I love New Year’s Eve! Looking back at the past year, I find a lot to be thankful for, including the opportunity to get older. And the older I get, the more I notice everyday miracles and the magic that surrounds us.

We know that much of nature is miraculous, like the individual design of each snowflake or the amazing migration of the hummingbirds, but magic can be subtle. You need to watch for it. Is it luck to find a parking space close to the entrance in a crowded lot, or to see a sale for an item you were planning to buy a full price? Could it be magic?

Best wishes for health, happiness, and a new year filled with everyday magic!

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays! I have a gift for you.

With many prices skyrocketing, a lot of budgets are tight. Here’s a little help. Deadly Repercussions will be free from December 24th through the 28th. You can download it for yourself and/or “buy it for others” and send a copy to a book-loving friend.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, with lots of positive repercussions!

Editorial Reviews:

“Quick and mysterious, Deadly Repercussions is sure to leave thriller fans feeling satisfied.” Independent Book Review
“Through its strong plot and adept characterizations, Deadly Repercussions shows humanity at its worst, replete with flaws and faults, while also highlighting that redemption is always waiting just around the corner, and there is always an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.” The Book Review Directory
“…moves deftly between lives in a dance with death that keeps altering the characters in unexpected ways.” Midwest Book Review
“…repercussions of murder resonate…a powerful saga of disparate special interests…and forces that clash as times change.” D.Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Literary Services

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