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For Juan Velasquez, crime is a way of life. The law of justice, however, is sacred. This short story follows a teenager from the gang-controlled streets of Mexico in a new direction. Loyalty is a family trait for Juan, even though his life is a masquerade with deception woven throughout. An introduction to Deadly Repercussions, this short story is the beginning of Juan’s journey into the next generation.

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Deadly Repercussions takes Juan and his family to Texas, where the second generation follows a course set by the first.

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From the streets of Mexico to mountains of Wyoming, Juan Velasquez does what is needed to survive and to prosper. His belief in the rule of law is trumped by his belief in the pursuit of justice, a trait that is passed down to his daughter, Elizabeth, and his granddaughter, Elaina.

Assassination within Juan’s family triggers a homicide investigation that sets off a chain of events leading to betrayal, kidnapping, and more death.  Deception and devotion become confused and, while loyalty has benefits, it also has a cost. When Juan disappears during his unofficial search for the assassin, Elaina deciphers details that could lead her to him. Hesitant to share the information with authorities, she sets out on her own, aware that, in the undercover world, life is a masquerade and the path to the truth is complex.


“From the cantankerous and slightly paranoid patriarch to the strong female lead, all the way down to the people surrounding them, whose motives remain dubious and questionable all throughout and leading up to the plot twist—the strength of the characterizations gave the book the momentum it needed as it raced toward its climactic conclusion.” The Book Review Directory

“…its special brand of suspense paired with inspections of generations that grow and change under the influence of violence and bad choices…”  D.Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Deadly Repercussions is an enjoyable mystery-thriller that explores the sanctity of justice and retribution. Quick and mysterious, Deadly Repercussions is sure to leave thriller fans feeling satisfied.” Independent Book Review.

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