Please join me on the RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio program, “BEYOND THE COVER”

The thirty minute show begins at 1:00 EST today, Saturday, May 11th, and will be hosted by Marlena Smith.

You can listen to the live program here: and follow along on Twitter, using the show’s hashtags #RRBC #RRBCBeyondTheCover to tweet your questions or comments.

One of the books we’ll talk about is “Race into Murder” which is on sale for $.99, from today through May 17th, at


Thoroughbred trainer, Jeff Frazier, could lose his marriage, or even his life when his talented colt becomes the catalyst for chaos in a close-knit racing community. When a well-known jockey is killed, evidence points to Sonny Owens, Jeff’s friend and co-worker. Relationships crumble and lies replace loyalty as evidence mounts against Sonny, who didn’t commit the crime. With the trial date approaching, the fate of three families depends on finding the truth, but the killer’s identity remains a mystery, and Sonny’s future looks grim. Through it all, the races continue.

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