Bigfoot? Really?

I’ve never seen one but can’t help imagining how exciting it would be to discover a giant, elusive, highly intelligent being living deep within the forests.

With documented reports of sightings in the United States going back to the mid 1800s and Native American legends passed on for generations, the idea of the Sasquatch is not a new one. In North America, Bigfoot is referred to by a variety of names, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, and Skunk Ape are some of them. The Lakota people call him,  Chiye-tanka, “Big Elder Brother.” And sightings aren’t limited to the United States and Canada. Reports have been documented in Siberia, Malaysia, and India among other countries.

The existence of Bigfoot is a subject that fascinates many and the experiences of the believers and the knowers, as some people call themselves, are discussed in great detail. There are also the skeptics, doubters who could be convinced, and the non-believers who, absent seeing one, will never consider the possibility. Discussions among the groups are often explosive!

Stories about Bigfoot can be thought provoking as well as entertaining. For example, a peaceful mountain getaway turns turbulent when Ellie’s secluded campsite is approached by a creature that isn’t supposed to exist. Not sure if her caller is dangerous, when he leaves abruptly, she hopes for another encounter and a chance to find out. When gunshots pierce the calm of the forest, her first fear is for the creature’s safety but she soon finds her own life threatened. Is anyone truly safe in the wilderness?

The release date for “Elusive Guardians” is September 15th but it is available for pre-order at an introductory price of $.99.

By the way, the impressive guy on the cover does exist. He isn’t a living and breathing Sasquatch but he is as close to “the real thing” as I’ve found. He is the Bigfoot I envisioned when I wrote “Elusive Guardians.” Big Bull Squatch lives with his creator, Dean Kestner, and occasionally travels with him for exhibitions around the country.

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