Free from February 20th through February 22nd – A Candle in the Darkness

With a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, this short story has been enjoyed by young and old alike. Reviewers have said: “wonderful prose; words resonate long after the story ends;” “a beautiful little story that speaks to many;” “cleverly written, intriguing.”

Randy was the light of Valerie’s life. After she lost him, she couldn’t imagine how she would live with the dark loneliness that surrounded her, without him. It took a tornado and the love story of two strangers for Valerie to discover that a candle in the darkness is more than a flame flickering in the night.

A five star review for “The Hunted”

Thank you to Author Clarissa Simmens, for her time in reading and reviewing “The Hunted:”  “Writing a full-length novel is much easier than writing a short story, especially a good one. In a novel, there is more time to develop the characters. Karen Black, in her short fiction The Hunted, has not only succeeded in developing her main character, but has deftly created a frightening antagonist. If that wasn’t difficult enough, she presents us with the heroine’s cat whose very soft fur caresses our fingers as we read on. I love “playing against an author” by solving their mystery but never did I suspect the surprise ending. It is only midnight as I finish reading so I’m off to buy another one of her short stories because I’m utterly addicted to her writing!”


“Stories for the Dead of Night,” by The Seven Fates Writers

I’m excited to announce the publication of “Stories for the Dead of Night,” an anthology, by The Seven Fates Writers. Five of the most serious, yet entertaining writers in Indie have joined forces to bring readers a variety of well written short stories, in various genres.  Yes, I’m one of the five!

“Stories for the Dead of Night” contains 19 unique tales of ghosts, secrets, nightmares and the supernatural, tossed with slices of flash fiction and sprinkled with wistful poetry. Some stories have been previously published, but there are plenty of new ones, too. The Seven Fates Writers are: Catherine A. MacKenzie, Robert L. Arend, Jennifer J. Arend, Karen Black and Brittany Joy Chadwick.

Cover - Stories for the Dead of Night - The Seven Fates Writers

“Stories for the Dead of Night” is available at Amazon   and Smashwords



Thank you to every reader who posts a book or story review!

Authors love reviews. Of course, they prefer the good ones to the bad ones, but honesty is important.  I am always totally delighted when someone likes one of my stories.  I’m even more excited, when a reader actually takes the time to write a review and tell the world they liked a story!    Below are excerpts from some of the readers’ opinions of “The Hunted.”

 Jo Waugh Dirk:

“.  .  . Karen did it again. The story pulls you right in and makes you feel like you are in the woods with the characters. If you like surprise endings this is a must read. .  . ”

By Joyce Carran:

“It was so well written and descriptive, you could put yourself right in the middle of the forest. Mrs. Black has the knack for keeping your interest and the plot is excellent. The end is smashing as it is completely unexpected. Congratulations Mrs. Black for yet another winner!! ”

 The Robert (Robert Arend)

Much of “The Hunted” shifts back and forth from two realities near collision.   .  .  . What makes “The Hunted” a superior short story is how masterfully the author manipulates the reader into the story’s ending, when all the seemingly loose threads are instantly pulled taut in a revelation so unexpected, yet certain, in its resolution. . . ”

 Della Selner:

“Ms. Black is quickly becoming one of my must read Authors. Her style of twisting reality will keep you off balance and keep you reading. An amazing story teller.”

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