Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, came into being via the Celtic festival of Samhain, a celebration of the end of summer and the bounty from autumn harvest. But the Celts also believed that once a year, from October 31st to November 1st, the spirits could leave their realm and interact with humans. It is with that in mind, that I wrote JOIN ME.


He walked along the corridor, with slippers slapping on the floor. The air was foggy, damp and cold. The man was tired, sad, and old. His friend was waiting down the hall. He moved with care. He must not fall. Just once each year, she came at night and stayed until the dawn’s first light.

She was his special childhood friend, but he felt he had caused her end. Although she was alive no more, she’d meet him by the kitchen door. Electric failed when she got there, and lavender would fill the air. But candles would provide the light. They’d flicker through the cold dark night.

She’d laugh and tell him she had come to play. She wanted to have fun. This night was special, Halloween! It was twelve months, since last he’d seen his faithful friend of many years. When she arrived, sometimes his tears still fell, as he remembered when she left him. She was only ten.

They’d been close to the railroad track. He often wished he could go back to that October thirty-first. That cold, dark night he made the worst decision of his early life. He let her walk alone that night. They’d talked of costumes, tricks and treats, and after dinner where they’d meet.

Renee was picking lavender. Having such fun, she never heard the train. It rumbled down the track and struck her squarely in the back. A momentary jolt of pain, her life extinguished by the train. Her spirit floated to his side and there she wanted to abide.

It happened sixty years ago. Since then he’d never truly known a peaceful day in all his life. Her death had filled it with such strife. She never blamed him for her death, but told him she could never rest without her friend and so she stayed in every place they’d ever played.

Rejecting the light’s brilliant ray, she said she would not go. She’d stay. He only saw her once each year, but every single day he’d hear her plea for him to leave the earth, to die, then join her in rebirth. He walked along the corridor to coax her toward the light once more.



Happy Halloween, everyone!

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